Molly Yergens
Artist Statement:

I delight in capturing the marvelous, both in the context of actual personal experience of place and vicariously, as I scour heaps of printed imagery. I collect photographic fragments of colors, textures and compositions, all artifacts of my escapades. Through collage, I facilitate visual conversations between photographic morsels, inventing visual and mythical relationships and juxtaposing disparate elements to depict place in a cinematic way. Collages become source material for paintings that describe the nature of spatial experience rather than providing one fixed scenic glimpse. Derived from both the floating perspective of traditional Chinese landscape and from contemporary approaches to collage, curious arrangements of spaces and color invite the eye to wander through a montage of unexpected passages and to explore its peculiar depth. Alongside moments of painterly distortion, traces of recognizable imagery incite curiosity and encourage whimsical meandering, forging a path between abstraction and representation and blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Pockets of depth are intermingled with areas of bulk and structure. Organic elements merge with architectural forms. Exterior and interior spaces coalesce. Abstract linear elements anchor, suspend, guide, and support. The pause and flow of painterly gesture perpetuates the viewer’s journey.