Molly Yergens
The AcropolisThe Parthenon
The Narrow Passage of ThermopylaeThe Hill of the MusesThe Choragic Monument of Lysicrates
The PropylaeaThe Odeon of Herodes AtticusThe Street of Tripods
Behind the Kapeleion
The Tower of the Winds
The Odeum of PericlesThe AgoraThe Hill of the Nymphs
The Athens of the West
In the 1860’s, Faribault, was considered a cultural mecca, and thus became widely known as “The Athens of the West.” In 1914, an unknown author wrote: “The resemblance of the most beautiful young city of Minnesota to the Ancient Grecian metropolis arises from the topography of Faribault, the cosmopolitan character, the culture and refinement of its citizens, the large number of temples of worship and the fame and excellence of its schools.” Molly Yergens has taught visual art at one of these revered educational institutions for nine years and she approached her recent collection of paintings as would a wide-eyed traveler who arrived to the fair city 100 years too late. “Athens of the West” pays tribute to a sleepy, blue-collar Midwestern town and reveals the artist’s keen curiosity and appreciation for what Faribault has been, what it is and what it could have become.